Thursday, January 12, 2017

A WHILE 2017

Hi Ladies and Gentleman, 

How are you? hope you guys are doing well there!!
Wish you have a Happy Belated New Year 2017!!
I know is too late however wishes is still will warm you, right? :)

I know is been a while and should said long time I didn't update my blog however i will back on track to update as much as I can. 

2016-2017, many thing happened and changed, can't said it through one blog or one slide.
From single until married, 
From Single Lady until mummy, 
need to learn more mature 
and think before talk and action. 

I had a good news which i will becomes mummy soon in next month, 
is a baby girl :)
Look forward to see her. .
Think of what name should give to her?

Alright, gonna stop here.
will update soon :)

Monday, July 20, 2015


21 July 2015

Long time didn't update blog,
today I just can't stand myself anymore
felt so unsecured and fed up

Relationship easy to start, easy to end, however easy to maintain.
Always think that want to be a good life partner in life, that know how to care and love my another half.

However I just FAIL.
When I worry his safety, i will said something. However it makes both of us get quarrel.
So now I should learn how to keep quite and respect the decision that made by himself.

But I really felt sad when he said he treat me better compare to his ex. But this is not a comparison anymore, I'm your wife now, no longer your gf. If I know u will treat me same as your ex, I think we can't go further until now.

I know relationship not only one person change, but need to have both. And I will do better in order we can be a better person for both of us


Monday, December 22, 2014

MOMENT OF LIFE (74) | 221214- SINGLE ANOT? (喜欢一个人)

Hello, is me again.

Wish all of Happy Winter Solstice 祝大家冬至快乐!O(∩_∩)O~

记得吃汤圆, 让一切不好的随风而去, 好的源源不绝的到来。

吃了汤圆, 有增加一岁啦! 是时候规划人生不一样的目标!

好啦,就回到今天的主题:喜欢。一个人。( Like to be Single)

Since the last relationship, already single for almost one and half year. I like single life, which you can play and naughty without control ( except my beloved family), be single can go anywhere we want, can meet someone we want, without explain anything or makes argue happen.

Single, u can experience something you unable enjoy when you not available, some kind like clubbing with friend, maybe will only spend the moment with boy friend. And no longer spend time with friend if have boy friend that control our every single step.

I prefer the proper freedom when couple, which allow me to spend time with friend for any occasion or celebration, and without arguement, and allow me to do whatever I want. And can understand me when I do not have time to reply message or call, I really unable to accept my another half control my life with text or call. But this also the things I will request before couple, just to avoid any argument.

But sometimes single also bored and sad, sometimes I also need a should need a shoulder to lean on. Can share whenever is sad or happy which can't share with BFF. Sometimes I also which to have someone to prepare romantic and sweet thing to me. Maybe is too over, but this is what in my mindset now.

I really hope I can get my Mr. Right, but I know this is all about fate and can't rush. Happiness will always around the corner, am I right? So just bless and look forward. :)

Anyway, thanks for read my blog.
Wish all of You Happy Holiday and Let's welcome Christmas and New Year :)