Thursday, January 12, 2017

A WHILE 2017

Hi Ladies and Gentleman, 

How are you? hope you guys are doing well there!!
Wish you have a Happy Belated New Year 2017!!
I know is too late however wishes is still will warm you, right? :)

I know is been a while and should said long time I didn't update my blog however i will back on track to update as much as I can. 

2016-2017, many thing happened and changed, can't said it through one blog or one slide.
From single until married, 
From Single Lady until mummy, 
need to learn more mature 
and think before talk and action. 

I had a good news which i will becomes mummy soon in next month, 
is a baby girl :)
Look forward to see her. .
Think of what name should give to her?

Alright, gonna stop here.
will update soon :)

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